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North York, ON


Hiring an automotive technician in North York, Ontario. The candidate will be responsible for performing maintenance, repair, and diagnostic work on military vehicles. This may include tasks such as conducting routine oil changes, repairing brakes and suspension systems, diagnosing and fixing engine and transmission problems, and performing electrical repairs.

The automotive technician would need to be knowledgeable about the various systems and components of vehicles, including engines, transmissions, electrical systems, and others. They would also need to be familiar with the use of diagnostic tools and equipment and be able to follow safety procedures when performing maintenance and repair work.

The automotive technician will need to communicate with customers to explain the nature of a problem and provide recommendations for repairs. They would also need to keep accurate records of work performed, parts used, and any other relevant information.

They should also have strong technical skills, problem-solving ability, and the physical dexterity to perform manual tasks. Good communication and customer service skills are also important in this role.
The candidate for this position would have a high school diploma or equivalent, along with a certification from an accredited automotive training program or equivalent experience.



  • The Candidate will have:

  • Technical expertise:In-depth knowledge and understanding of the systems and components of automotive systems and the ability to diagnose and repair complex problems

  • Attention to detail:A strong attention to detail is important in ensuring that vehicles and components are repaired accurately and to the required standards.

  • Communication skills:Effective communication skills to work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the repair and maintenance activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

  • Problem-solving skills:The ability to quickly identify and resolve problems that arise during the repair and maintenance process.

  • Adaptability:The ability to adapt to new technologies and processes as they become available to ensure the repair facility remains competitive and efficient.

  • Organizational skills:Effective organizational skills to manage multiple tasks, prioritize workload, and ensure timely completion of repairs and maintenance activities.

  • Team-oriented:A strong team player who is able to work effectively with colleagues, customers, and suppliers to achieve common goals.

  • Commitment to safety:A commitment to safety and a focus on compliance with safety regulations and guidelines to ensure the well-being of employees and the protection of equipment and facilities.

  • Continuous improvement mindset:A continuous improvement mindset to identify and implement improvements to processes and procedures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


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