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BPE specialises in the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, and their engines, propulsion units, auxiliary equipment, and parts. We uphold stringent aerospace standards to guarantee high-quality outputs. provide precision engineering services to the aerospace industry, crafting parts and equipment for aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles. Our adherence to strict aerospace standards assures the quality and reliability of our products. 

We offer precision manufacturing of critical components for the satellite industry that meet the demanding requirements for satellite technology.

Our services extend to the defence sector where we manufacture armour in steel and glass and produce other defence-related equipment, ensuring high durability and performance under extreme conditions.



Leveraging our rich history in providing components for nuclear projects, we offer specialised manufacturing services for the nuclear industry. These include precision parts for installation in CANDU reactors, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants.


In the automotive industry, we deliver high precision components and sub-assemblies. Our capabilities include multi-axis machining and turning centres, which allow us to fabricate complex automotive parts with high precision and efficiency

We produce robust vehicle armour using both steel and glass. Our production process guarantees high strength and durability, aligning with the stringent standards of the defence and automotive industries.

BPE serves the telecommunication industry with precision-engineered components that support and enhance the robustness of communication systems.

 In the medical sector, we offer precision machining services for medical devices and equipment, prioritising quality and compliance to medical-grade standards.


We cater to the optical industry by fabricating high-precision components that contribute to the efficacy and accuracy of optical devices and systems.


Our reach extends across multiple sectors, reflecting our versatility and the confidence of our clientele. From aerospace and defence to nuclear, automotive, and telecommunications, we've left our mark in various industries. Our diverse experience ranges from manufacturing precise components for satellite technologies, to creating resilient vehicle armour, and delivering critical components for nuclear projects. Explore the wide range of sectors we serve and learn how our versatility underpins our success.

BPE offers extensive capabilities in precision machining, harness and connector manufacturing, welding and fabrication, and defence vehicle armouring. Foreign companies can leverage our world-class manufacturing capabilities to produce parts and components locally in Canada, thereby fulfilling their ITB obligations. With a rich history dating back to 1974 and a breadth of sectoral experience, including aerospace, nuclear, defence, automotive, and telecommunications, BPE has acquired a comprehensive understanding of these industries' intricacies. Our knowledge can be instrumental for foreign companies in navigating Canadian industry landscapes, which can contribute to ITB obligations. 


 In the medical sector, we offer precision machining services for medical devices and equipment, prioritising quality and compliance to medical-grade standards.

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